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Maggie has talked Mickey into taking some time off in the new year and going on a cruise with her, because Doug and Julie are always going on cruises and saying how wonderful they are. Mickey is upstairs packing, and Maggie goes upstairs to begin her packing. She finds Mickey on the floor.
I like that Doug and Julie convince Maggie to take a cruise with Mickey. I hope we see those scenes. It'll be nice seeing Doug, Julie and Maggie discussing stuff about themselves rather than other family members.

Suzanne Rogers explains, "There is no real 'my finding him dead on the floor', because they couldn't use John Clarke. Someone came in and they put a sheet over the person to take them out. That's kind of what you use to play off of when you're playing scenes like this, so it was a lot of soul-searching on my part to get to that place." Rogers continues that the pictures of John around the set helped her, because she remembered when the pictures were taken. She says the flashbacks will feature John Clarke, and "even the fans who don't know about Mickey and Maggie together will see enough flashbacks to get a sense of who they were and enjoy it."
This is how I figured they would do these scenes and I'm fine with it. Clarke can't be there, but at least there have been pictures spread throughout the house, so that's the Mickey we're supposed to be imagining and that's only right. Now flashbacks can be used to showcase the real Mickey and Maggie.

Maggie goes downstairs, and Hope comes over because she brought Mickey a present. Hope's going on about the present, when she sees that Maggie's not responding to what she's saying. Maggie tells Hope what's happened, and Hope goes to make arrangements and break the news to Alice. SOD says that Hope "will also turn to Bo in the aftermath".
I believe Mickey's birthday is coming up. I wonder if he dies around his birthday and that's why Hope is bringing a present over. That's really sad if it is around his birthday.

Ken Corday discusses the reasons for making this "very difficult decision". He says that the show was "never really successful" in recasting Mickey. "When an actor wears a character for almost 40 years, it's impossible to recast them." He continues that because of this, the show had Maggie just talking about Mickey, but "after a while, that got tired". Corday says that he and Dena Higley discussed this, "and she said, 'You know, Suzanne right now is commanding a lot of airtime. I'd like to tell a bigger story with her.' And I said, 'Wow, that's awfully big.'" Corday says that the decision was made to have Maggie try to deal with the grief of losing Mickey, "and in dealing with that grief, kick off another story with her".
Of course it's nearly impossible to recast a role after 40 years and it should've never been done in the first place. If the show knew that Clarke was thinking about retiring back in '03, then Reilly should've been forced to kill off Mickey rather than Maggie. If it had to do with bringing Bonnie in for Mickey, then he should've simply rewrote the role and had Mimi's tacky FATHER, rather than mother, coming onto the show and pursuing Maggie instead of Mickey.

Color me shocked that Higley's the one that came up with this idea. So I guess she IS still writing story over there. Goes to prove all those that said that she's no longer writing the show and just collecting money as head writer and just sitting there. The very idea was always ridiculous to me.

Suzanne Rogers then discusses her feelings about the story. She says that Gary Tomlin was the one who informed her that Mickey would be killed off, and she says she was "shocked". She continues, "Since I first came on the show, there was Mickey and Maggie... I said, 'Well, we haven't seen him in a long time, guess you have to tie things up', so this is the route they chose to go." Rogers says it's sad that "it's another Horton gone... it's going to be heartbreaking."
The Hortons are becoming the Quartermaines of DAYS.

Suzanne Rogers called John Clarke to tell him. She says it was Thanksgiving when she called, and she had a nice conversation with Clarke and his wife Patty. He told her that he'd already heard about it, because someone had sent them the scripts. Rogers says she didn't want to be the one to tell Clarke, but she felt he should know before it aired. Rogers says John Clarke seemed "fine" with it, and she told him she hopes she can do it justice. Corday praises Rogers for this, and he says it shows "how deeply concerned this actress is, not just for herself, but for castmates who have gone from the show."
I wonder if the show approached Clarke about possibly returning for this event, and that's why they sent him the scripts. His health concerns probably forbade it though.

Corday concludes, "It was well thought out, and in the end a lot of drama comes out of these shows." He says that Maggie "has now become the matriarch of the show", and Suzanne is such a capable actress, but she "had been without story for many decades", so it's good to see her in story again. And regarding the Hortons, "The Hortons are not gone. I think we're going to see a whole new branch on that tree."
This sounds really good, I hope it's as good as it sounds.

Interesting note that Corday ended with, concerning a new branch on the Horton tree coming on. I hope that means Sarah will be cast, as well as maybe other Hortons. If Maggie is the new matriarch of the show, then I feel that she should have Hortons to advise rather than random kids.
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