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This week's SOD features interviews with Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso, and Crystal Chappell about the Bo/Hope/Carly/Justin story.

Vivian and Victor catch Hope and Justin kissing, and Victor is "explosively upset", says Kristian Alfonso. Alfonso continues that Hope "is trying to save the day and and situation and trying to save Justin", but Victor is upset because he thinks Hope is involved with Justin. Alfonso says, "The kiss was the only thing that would explain why they were in Vivian's room."

Then, Hope tells Victor that she saw Bo and Carly kissing. "He is not happy," Alfonso says.

Bo happens to run into Vivian, and she tells him about these new events. Peter Reckell explains why Bo is upset about things, even though he kissed Carly: "From Bo's viewpoint, he and Carly are in a different place; they've had a relationship before. Even as friends, they can share a lot more than what the relationship is with Justin and Hope." Reckell says that Bo becomes jealous and wants to know what the story is.

Bo asks Hope about it, and Hope tells him she has no feelings for Justin, and that there was another reason they kissed. Reckell says it's typical of Bo and Hope's recent conversations, that things get misconstrued.

Bo and Justin then argue [SOD doesn't say where/how they meet], and as SOD says, "Justin admits he cares for Hope." Justin tells Bo that Bo must choose between Hope and Carly. Reckell says that Bo's relationship with Justin is difficult because Justin is both family and friend, and things are made more difficult for Bo because Justin confronts Bo with "truth and reality" about what's going on, but "he's making the moves on Bo's wife" as well. Reckell says Bo is very angry.

While Bo and Justin are arguing, Carly and Vivian get trapped in the hospital elevator. Chappell says that "Carly is freaking out and having a panic attack," and she tells Vivian she killed Lawrence. Chappell says that Vivian already knew this, but she's "appalled and disgusted" that Carly would just come out and say it.

After this, Bo takes Carly home. Chappell says they're both stressed and lonely, and they shut the door, and kiss...

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