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I hated when Alan was revealed as Philip's "murderer", what was his reasoning again?

I think it was something like he was trying to protect Phillip from himself or something lame like that. I didn't believe that Alan would have ever shot Phillip.

The Alan/Olivia/Philip was interesting.

I loved that storyline. Millee Taggart's brief run as HW was so good!

When Olivia was pregnant with Emma, was it thought to be Alan's at first? Didn't Lizzie mess with the carpet on the stairs at the Beacon which caused Olivia to tumble down the stairs? And wasn't she accused of leaving a baby doll with its head taken off in a crib in Olivia's hotel room?

I'm pretty sure that's all correct, but that all took place during the time that I wasn't watching, so I could be wrong, LoL.
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