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-The identity of Carly's daughter is revealed. Carly struggles to connect and make amends with her.

The only thing I really care about here is that whichever annoying dingbat it is that Carly whelped, Nicole can't be her secret mommy, as has been spec'd to death over these here Internets. One down, one to go.

-Bo and Hope's marriage continues to unravel as they both keep secrets. Bo and Carly grow closer, as do Hope and Justin.

Gee, these "spoilers" seem . . . familiar.

-A Salem family is faced with a tragedy.

RIP Mickey.

-Things heat up between Nathan and Stephanie, although he can't get Melanie off his mind. Phillip and Melanie set a wedding date.

I never thought a quad could get more repulsive than the Lumi/Caustin one, with its sister-swapping, but little did I know this one was coming down the pike. Free Philip! And Stephanie--I just don't want them together.

-Nicole's fate is decided as she receives punishment for her crimes.

Thank heavens, because it would be so wrong for anyone in Salem to escape punishment. Hopefully her drug lord kidnapping attempted murdering still-as-far-as-I-know-husband will be in attendance. Hurry back, Nicole! Maybe you and Nick Fallon can strike up a prisoners' correspondence to while away the time.

-The search for Sydney continues. Rafe grows suspicious of EJ's machinations.

Nice to know it finally occurred to someone that EJ had means, motive and likely opportunity. I'm also happy that Sami isn't bonding with Sydney; I'm sure she needs the time to fuck Rafe. Oh, and maybe look after one of her other kids here and there.

-Mia is committed to Will, but is jealous over Chad's attraction to Gabi. Mia takes a darker turn and begins to manipulate Gabi and Chad.

I fell asleep after the word "Mia."

-Vivian continues her plot to take down Carly. Victor is increasingly irritated with the time it's taking.

Vivian and Victor--squee!

-Arianna's undercover assignment continues to put her life in jeopardy.

Arianna as damsel in distress is not super interesting to me. I don't mind her, but is it asking too much to one of these days have a woman on the show who can take care of herself? I mean, I seriously doubt she won't need rescuing.

-Daniel and Chloe are forced to deal with her inability to have children.

He knew what he was getting into when he proposed to a woman whose last name wasn't Brady or first name Sami.
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