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EJ manipulates Sami into keeping secrets from Rafe , when they receive a note and $5 million ransom demand from Sydney's kidnapper.

"Rafe's a little suspicious that something is going on," says GG. "He and Sami have a special connection, and he's able to tell when she's acting weird."

Although Sami wants to call Rafe, EJ convinces her it would endanger Sydney, because the kidnapper ordered Sami to keep quiet. EJ assures Sami he will get the money and all will be fine, but Sami has second thoughts about shutting Rafe out, especially after he delivers some big news. "Rafe tells Sami the FBI reinstated him, because they're impressed by the way he's been coordinating between them and the police department on Sydney's kidnapping," says GG. "Rafe becomes the point person for the case in Salem." Sami then thinks that they better tell him and even goes to EJ to secretly talk to him about it. Rafe overhears and knows that something is being kept from him. "He's been suspicious all along, and this only solidifies that suspicion."

Rafe confronts Sami and EJ point-blank. "He asks them, 'You're sure there isn't something you're not telling me? There hasn't been a ransom note, has there?'" recounts GG. "Because Rafe knows the kidnapper didn't take the baby to keep the baby, especially with a family like the DiMeras. They're usually looking for money."

Sami tries to cover, but Rafe doesn't totally believe her. He tells her they will get through it and get Sydney back and that the most important thing is they need to be honest with each other and communicate. "Rafe is saying all of this stuff to her. It's killing her inside."

The lack of serious lead is killing Rafe. Later he lets his anger and fear show to Bo, but is still determined to bring Sydney home. "Rafe is frustrated and upset, and Sami sees it," says GG. "She's wracked with guilt and torn, but also scared."

Sami tells EJ it's getting harder to keep the secret from Rafe, but EJ skillfully manipulates her into staying quiet. "Not only has EJ pushed Rafe out of the picture, but he's made Rafe look bad and unsuccessful," notes GG. "Rafe's been telling Sami he's going to get Sydney back, but where is she? EJ is succeeding on many levels."

As for how Rafe is going to feel when he learns Sami has been keeping vital information from him, Galen admits he's going to be annoyed. "But that's also a delicate line for him," points out GG. "Ultimately, it's not about Rafe. It's about getting Sydney back, but it will certainly raise the issue of trust. As much as Rafe will be angry, he'll also be empathetic and understand why Sami would do what she did under the circumstances, especially when she was manipulated by EJ."
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