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Viewing Single Post From: SOW: Sami and EJ keep Rafe in the dark

Dec 30 2009, 11:33 PM
EJ puts the note in the drawer and leaves the room to take the call.....the note that says tell no-one and I am watching you...if he didnít want Sami to snoop he should have taken it with him or he doesnít know Sami at all.....

When he told her not to tell Rafe he kept on saying things like it will be on your head if you tell Rafe and the FBI are brought in and it all goes wrong.....a little mean donít you think? Was it really necessary to add those comments unless he was manipulating Sami into feeling guilty and afraid that the whole successful return of Sydney will hinge on whether or not she tells Rafe...which we know is ridiculous....
Good point. I saw that more as lazy writing/recycle the Bope Ciara kidnapping blather. :shrug:
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