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Dec 30 2009, 11:38 PM
Dec 30 2009, 11:27 PM
You mean to tell me that Sami wouldnt go through a drawer if she knew that someone looked at a piece of paper like how EJ looked at it? REALLY? This is the woman that touched a woman's shirt to only reveal her preggers stomach???
Not saying Sami wouldn't do that at all. Just saying they could have done a much better job showing that he intended to have her read it if they wanted to show him as manipulating her.

This is classic EJ "black glove,' whats worse is he has the motivation and means to keep playing Sami and dumb-ass Sami is falling for it..AGAIN! When wasnt EJ manipulated her? Immigration hearing ring a bell?

AND SAFE..YOU DO SUCK! :flipoff:

During the Immigration BS it was blatantly obvious that he was manipulating her. I would expect that same level of obvious if they were suddenly trying to convey EJ as master manipulator rather than the 'in the dark nimwit' we have seen this past year.
Manipulation is manipulation...a little or a lot, still the same!

Man, I'm going to ENJOY EJ bringing the nasty back! I can just picture him getting the knife she struck him on his back with and shoving it in hers! YES!

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