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Dec 31 2009, 05:50 PM
Dec 31 2009, 02:24 PM
Seriously, I hate this too young girl argument. As if older, rich, good looking guys never had an affairs and/or relationships with good looking young girls. IMO itīs more a rule than exception, just ask almost any model, actress, beauty pageant and a lots and lots of college students who is their boyfriend and how old he is. And itīs not because they are all gold diggers.
Sorry if you hate the young girl argument. Yes, good looking older men have relationships with younger women, but I've not seen anyone ever approve of 30 year olds dating girls who are younger then 20. I realize it still happens, but it's not something that gets ignored. Not by the family, not by the friends, not by society.

Daniel is older than Chloe but that is not an issue because she's not pubescent and has had life experiences with marriage and having a real career. Melanie came on this show as a minor who didn't even finish school. The show pretends that an elitist like Philip would have no problems ignoring the fact his current lover is ignorant in education and is not old enough to buy alcohol.

I will always have issue with men dating GIRLS. It's not something I'm gonna accept and society doesn't like it very much either.

Then you compound the issue that Philip has already been engaged to someone else this year, that he began DATING this year. I never thought it possible to make Philip look more pathetic than his constant Belle obsession even when she chose the uninspiring Shawn over him. But we must give credit to Dena and her writing monkeys. They can take a character who had so much potential and had so far to go, and make him a pathetic loser who prefers girls over women. Though thankfully Max and his niece dating ways are out the door, the show has replaced incest with near pedophilia, and I will never accept it.

But I guess that opinion doesn't count as it's just a "young girl" argument. I don't get into relationships just because the writers tell me to like them, I expect to understand why. It can't be about looks (and that's ignoring the fact Melanie isn't exactly Miss America with her Arial Mermaid hairstyle and weird mouth). I still maintain Melanie needs to be in the teenage generation because SHE'S A TEENAGER. Even Molly Burnett hangs with them in real life. Why wouldn't Melanie?

I saw watching today and I thought SHIT, ITS ARIEL..and Phil's is her Prince Eric! LOL

(Maybe I should amend my previous post about the Jonas Bros?!)

BTW, great post!
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