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Viewing Single Post From: SOD: Who does Melanie love?
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Dec 31 2009, 06:28 PM
Liz<3DaysDec 31 2009, 06:26 PM
As for MB bringing out the best in JKJ...I have seen the opposite. Its almost if hes laughing inside. PLEASE, this actress is so green with her awkward childish mannerisms that she de-ages the character. Just look at the scenes a couple of days ago with LK and LS, a more competent actress would at least be present in the scene. She could have been yelling and no one would have noticed! Sure, it may be unfair to put her with these caliber of actresses, but when they throw you in the water, you better start paddling! She just keeps sinking!

I disagree completely, it looks to me that JKJ enjoys working with her and vice versa, and I find her very talented and have from the start. Obviously {as per avatar} I think they have a great chemistry and I truly enjoy watching them together. Certainly I find it a lot more entertaining than watching him moon over Stephanie. In regards to her age I could give two shits if she's younger, so fucking what I say, his fucking old bag of a father married a 23 year old when he was in his Sixties! No one seemed to give two shits about that. The age is not the issue for me even remotely the issue is TPTB appear to be making Philip out to look like an asshat.....AGAIN, and that's what they seem to enjoy doing in all of his ships irrespective of how old whoever he is involved with at the time is. With respect to that particular issue, JKJ deserves a helluva lot better and so does Philip. Truly in reality a guy like Philip Kiriakis would have no trouble taking a date/wife/lover/trophy wife/mistress anything so for me the believability factor in this storyline leaves a lot to be desired.
You're right, Victor marrying Nicole was gross. But at the time Victor was WAY beyond 30 and Nicole was beyond 19, so YES, it does make a difference as I and others have referenced with regards to mid life crisis v Phils current age!

I think JKJ works better with the vets. I love his scenes with his dad as well as his mommies. They write for him these juicy one liners and thats where he shines. They cant do that because you will get a vacuous stare from Melanie! (And I didnt like Phil w/Stephanie either!)

Why not pair him up with someone like Arianna. If they have to have her on DAYS, then I think they would look hot together and you have insta-bad blood from Brady!

I totally agree that Phil would have no trouble getting someone better!
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