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We'll according to the latest ratings out Days lost over 200,000 viewers and are only just holding onto third spot. That was for the week before christmas. They haven't released the christmas week ratings yet though. I don't want days cancelled either. I think the Bope split has already effected the ratings and in a bad way. I hope they do reunite Bope soon if they don't days could start to rapidly go down hill. Can't blame everything on the Bo/Hope/Carly/Justin storyline though. The teens are boring. Not much happening there. And the babyswitch/kidnapping fiasco storyline is STILL going. They have dragged that stroyline out far too long. And Danloe are just sooo boring! It's bad when the shows only happy couple is also the shows most boring couple! I think it's time Bo and Hope were reunited. Enough of the breakup. I'm sick of it. It's already dragged on for too long. I don't know if I could still watch days if we have to wait more then 3 or 4 months for them to get back together! I do believe however that we may start to see Bo and Hope reconnect when Mickey dies! Maybe then they will realise how important it is too be together! I would love for them to show Ciara more! If they show how she feels about all of this some more then it may add some more emotion to this story. At the moment I feel it's lacking emotion.
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