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Passions was the first soap I really got into. :wub: I was in HS when the show was at its best (2001-2005) and I remember watching it during lunch breaks with classmates and talking about it with friends. I stopped watching in 2005 when they broke up Fox & Whitney, then started again when Ethan & Theresa FINALLY had a chance to be together, but didn't get DirectTV so I relied on clips from sites but at that point my only hope was that Ethan & Theresa got married. I'm still mad Luis & Sheridan never got together (Lancy and Sheritonio make me sick :puke: ) in the end but I heard if the show had gone on Fancy would have miscarried her baby with Luis and Shuis would've had an affair. So that makes me HAPPY! :D

I hate that the writers never gave Foxney a real chance as there was a fan base that wanted them together. I NEVER liked Chadney. I did watch briefly during the Tsunami, for Shuis and ET. It was good but I hated how ET/Gwen was kept going for so long. Honestly it was ridiculous, however I did like seeing the roles reverse as Ethan began to pursue Theresa when she got with Jared. That was SO WONDERFUL to see. :applause:

Despite its problems Passions will always have a special place in my heart. I actually have a collection of Passions tapes from summer 2004 to summer 2005 and I still watch them from time to time. :eyeroll:
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