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Alrighty, let's get this show on the road...

When DAYS premiered in 1965, it introduced us to Tom & Alice Horton and their 5 grown children. Eldest son Tommy was already missing and presumed dead in Korea. Eldest daughter Addie (Tommy's twin) was married to Ben Olson, a wealthy banker, and they had two children, Julie & Steven. Next was Mickey, already a practicing lawyer, and then Marie, a lab tech at the hospital. Let's do some digging on ages, shall we?

It is widely established (in nearly every single reference source I can find) that Tom & Alice were married in 1930. In the last few years, Tom's birthyear is given as 1913 and Alice's is 1914 (Tom's appeared on a tombstone during the SSK storyline while Alice's was reference during one of the times the celebrated her birthday on air). However, I believe these dates to be inaccurate. First of all, those are the actual birthyears of Macdonald Carey & Frances Reid and I feel the writers gave Tom & Alice those birthyears in tribute to the performers. If those were accurate, then Tom & Alice were married when they were only 17 & 16 respectively. Of course, that's not so unheard of in 1930 (my own grandmother married in 1934 when she was 14), but I'm sure it's been reference over the years that Tom had either played minor-league baseball or had been in the military prior to the marriage (even though they were highschool sweethearts). Family trees printing in the 1995 Maureen Russell book "Days of Our Lives: A Complete History of the Long-Running Soap" gives Tom's birthyear at 1910 and Alice's birthdate as January 23, 1911. Tom's headstone in 2004 gives Tom's birthdate as March 15, 1913. In 2003, Alice's birth year was given as 1914. I believe that the dates given by Russell are accurate and make the most sense given the wedding date. So, let's establish this as FACT for the purposes of this project.

born: March 15, 1910
born: January 23, 1911

Tom & Alice were married in 1930 according to most sources I've found. However, according to the Maureen Russell book, they were married in 1929. Either date seems realistic and logical given our established birthdates. Although it would stand to reason that since we used the Russell reference for the birthyears, we should likewise use her reference for the marriage year. However, I've decided to ere on the side of majority and go with 1930 and the date of March 7, 1930 (source: Beth's Days Page)

Dr. TOM HORTON (age: 19/20) & ALICE GRAYSON (age: 19)
married: March 7, 1930

Tom & Alice's twins, Tom Jr. or Tommy and Addie were born in 1931, cited both both Maureen Russell's book as well as the 1995 Lorraine Zenka book "Days of Our Lives: The Complete Family Album". From the best of my research, no actual birth date has ever been given for the twins. Let's establish as FACT then that...

born: 1931
born: 1931

Next born was Mickey Horton. The Maureen Russell book lists Mickey's birth year as 1932. Likewise, the Lorraine Zenka book states that Mickey was 33 in 1965 (which would correspond to the 1932 birth year). According to Beth's Days Page, Mickey's actual birth date is January 19, 1932. I believe we can accept as FACT that...

born: January 19, 1932

Our next Horton born is Bill Horton. According the the Maureen Russell book, Bill was born in 1939. According to the Lorraine Zenka book, Bill was 25. Since we've used the Russell reference for previous birth years, let's be consistant and use the 1939 year. I have not been able to locate an establish birth date, however. Let is now establish as FACT (for our purposes)...

born: 1939

The youngest Horton child is Marie Horton. The Russell book states that Marie was born in 1942. The Zenka book also give 1942 as Marie's birth year (and states that she's a biochemistry graduate student). I don't think her actual birth date has ever been established. In any event, we can state as FACT that...

born: 1942

Let's concluded this beginning post with this established Horton family tree...

DR. TOM HORTON (b.3/15/1910) & ALICE GRAYSON HORTON (b.1/23/1911)
married: 3/3/1930

MICKEY HORTON (b.1/19/1932)
DR. BILL HORTON (b.1939)
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