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Alright. Let's continue, shall we? In my last post, we established as FACT (for the purposes of this project)..

DR. TOM HORTON (b.3/15/1910) & ALICE GRAYSON HORTON (b.1/23/1911)
married: 3/3/1930

MICKEY HORTON (b.1/19/1932)
DR. BILL HORTON (b.1939)

Moving forward in time, let's focus on an adult Tommy. When DAYS premiered in 1965, Tommy was already missing in action and presumed dead in Korea. The Zenka book lists 1953 as the year Tommy disappeared. By this time, Tommy had already married Kitty and had fathered daughter Sandy. The Zenka book states that Tommy & Kitty met and married while he was in basic training and Sandy was born while Tommy was in Korea. According to the Zenka book, Kitty & Tommy first met at a USO dance in 1950. Therefore, Tommy & Kitty had to marry between 1950 & 1953. Since most military basic & specialized training can last between a few months to a year, let's say (for our purposes) that Tommy & Kitty married in 1951. The Korean War, itself, was from 1950 unitl amistace in 1953. I believe Tommy would've left for Korea in 1951 and I suspect that Sandy would've been born after his departure, either in 1951 or 1952. Heather North, the actress who played Sandy from 1967 - 1971 was born either in 1946 or 1950 (Wiki gives 46, IMDB gives 50). Of course, it's not uncommon for older actors to play younger. Martha Smith (Sandy #3 1982) was born in 1953 (both Wiki & IMDB). Pamela Royland (Sandy #4 1983-1984) was born in 1952 (IMDB). Given all this information, I propose that we establish an estemated birth year for Sandy Horton at 1952e (e = estemated). As for the age of Kitty, Regina Gleason who played Kitty from 1967-1969 was born 5/22/28 (according to Jason's site, neither Wiki nor IMDB lists a birthdate). John Lupton, who played Tommy from 1965-1972 & 1975-1979) was born 8/23/28 (Wiki & IMDB). Considering that both actors playing Tommy & Kitty were born the same year, I propose that we assume as FACT that both Tommy & Kitty were born the same year. Consequently, let's establish as FACT (for our purposes)...

DR. TOMMY HORTON (b.1931 - d.1953)
KITTY (maiden name unknown) HORTON (b.1931)
married: 1951 (Tommy, age: 20; Kitty, age: 20)

(Tommy, age: 21; Kitty, age: 21)
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