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Let's look at our Horton family tree up to this point before I move onto what will eventually be the most problematic branch of the family:

DR. TOM HORTON (b.3/15/1910) & ALICE GRAYSON HORTON (b.1/23/1911)
married: 3/3/1930
---DR. TOMMY HORTON (b.1931 - d.1953)
------KITTY HORTON (b.1931)
---------SANDY HORTON (b.1952e)
---ADDIE HORTON (b.1931)
---MICKEY HORTON (b.1/19/1932)
---DR. BILL HORTON (b.1939)
---MARIE HORTON (b.1942)

Now, let's look at Tommy's twin-sister Addie. I'm sure she never had any idea how complicated & problematic her branch of the family would become. According to the Zenka book, Tommy married wealthy Ben Olson in 1949 (making her roughly 18 at the time of the marriage). However, in the actual episodes, Alice mentioned that Ben & Addie had married in Washington right after the war (pesumabely WWII) which would put their wedding as early as late 1945. Pat Huston (Addie #1, 1965-1966) was born in 1928 (IMDB) (interestingly, the same year as the actor who would later play her twin Tommy). Patricia Barry (Addie #2 1971-1974) was born in 1921 (IMDB). Perhaps we should establish a wedding date via Ben & Addie's daughter Julie who was a teenager when the series began in 1965. Charla Doherty (Julie #1, 1965-1966) was born in 1946 (Wiki & IMDB). Again, it's obvious Doherty was playing younger. Catherine Dunn (Julie #2, 1967) was also born in 1946 (according to Jason's site where he lists her as Kathleen Dunn). Cathy Ferrar (Julie #3, 1967-1968) was also born in 1946 (according to Jason's site). Susan Seaforth (Julie #4, 1968-present off and on) was born in 1943 (Wiki, IMDB). Julie has long been established as the 1st born Horton grandchild and no mention has ever been made of her being born *before* Ben & Addie wed. She was at least 16 when DAYS premiered in 1965 (which would put her birth year around 1949). In an episode of Days on youtube from 1966, it is mentioned that Julie will be 18 soon (how soon, it doesn't say). If she's 17 in 1966, that again puts her birth year in 1949. Considering Addie was born in 1931, she would be 18 in 1949. I can't find any information about a birth date for Julie, so Ben & Addie could have married in early 49 while Julie was born in late 49 (presuming conception didn't occur before the wedding). Ben & Addie's son Steven is much easier to pin-point. According to Zenka's book, Steven is two years younger than Julie which, using the birth year of 1949 for Julie, would put Steven's birth year at 1951. Flip Mark (Steven #1, 1965) was born in 1948 (Wiki, IMDB, & Jason's). James Carroll Jordan (Steven #2, 1972) was born in 1950 (IMDB & Jason's). Stephen Schnetzer (Steven #3, 1978-1980) was born in 1948 (Wiki & IMDB). I think, given this information, that it's very safe to assume that Steven was, in fact, born in 1951. Now, as far as Ben Olson's age. I feel it's safe to assume that he's at least as old as Addie, putting his year of birth at 1931 or earlier. Robert Knapp was the only actor to play the role in 1965 and he was born in 1924 (IMDB & Jason's). That puts Ben's performer 4 years older than Addie's performer. Personally, I feel this is a realistic gap. Of course, we have no idea when Ben & Addie first met or how long they dated before they were married. Presuming that they met in Salem and that they had a short courtship (Ben was from a wealthy family and Addie was rather materialistic and concerned with social class and standing), I feel the 4 year age gap can be established as an estemated FACT for our purposes, putting Ben's birth year as 1927. That would mean that Ben was 22 when he and Addie married in 1949. So, let's establish as FACT the following....

BEN OLSON (b.1927e)
married: 1949 (Ben, age: 22; Addie, age: 18)

JULIE OLSON (b.1949)
(Ben, age: 22; Addie, age: 18)
(Ben, age: 24; Addie, age: 20)
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