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Jan 2 2010, 03:12 PM
Jan 2 2010, 02:11 AM
Okay, I'm chiming in here late to give a little more info on the backgrounds of Melissa & Sarah. Melissa is the biological daughter of Linda Patterson Phillips & Jim Phillips, conceived before Linda & Jim were married. Linda was Mickey's secretary and they had an affair while Mickey was married to Laura (Mickey wasn't exactly the greatest of husbands back in the day). Linda came up pregnant and lied to Mickey that he was the baby's father (even though she knew it was Jim's baby). Laura found out about the affair and baby (or Mickey told her, I'm not sure), but knew that Mickey couldn't be the father because she knew he was sterile (a secret known only to her, Bill, & Tom at the time, but unknown to Mickey). Laura couldn't say a word to Mickey about Linda's lie because it would expose the truth that Mickey wasn't the biological father of their child Mike (bio Dad was really Bill due to an instance where he "forced himself on her" during a drunken fit) and everyone was trying to spare Mickey the truth. When baby Melissa was born, Mickey believed for quite some time that she really was his daughter (much the same way he still regards Mike as his son and vice versa). The truth eventually came out, Mickey had a nervous breakdown (yadda yadda) and Linda eventually married Jim. Some time later, Jim died (I think he died, at least) and Linda came back into the picture and attempted to use Melissa to separate Mickey & Maggie. Farmgirl Maggie felt inferior around glamorous Linda and Laura, so Julie took Maggie for a make over. Linda eventually gave up on Mickey and dated his older brother Tommy for a while before marrying the wealthy Bob Anderson (who just happened to be Julie's ex-husband). After the marriage, Bob adopted Melissa (hence her best known name "Melissa Anderson"). Bob later divorced Linda, but then died of a heart attack, leaving his estate & Anderson Manufacturing to daughter Mary Anderson and adopted daughter Melissa. Mary was later one of the victims of the Salem Strangler. Linda left town and Melissa went to boarding school from where she later ran away and back to Salem. Apparently, Linda was quite neglectful of Melissa and Mickey & Maggie took legal guardianship of her.

Sarah is the result of Maggie's desire to give birth to a child. To accomplish this, Maggie entered the surrogate mother program at the hospital, which Neil Curtis was directing. Maggie became pregnant and it was later revealed that she was carrying the child of Dr. Evan Wyland (who just so happened to be on Stefano's payroll). Maggie decided that she wanted to keep the baby and Evan agreed (I'm not exactly sure why. My memory's a little fuzzy on this one).

Linda Patterson is still my favorite villainess on Days. Margaret Mason, who played her in the 70s, was deliciously evil. I remember a scene when Jim Phillips was in the hospital (for a heart ailment, I believe) and Linda was withholding his medicine from him because he was threatening to tell Mickey that he (Jim) was Melissa's father. I think Jim Phillips was eventually killed in a car accident. Besides Mickey & Tom, Jr., Linda also had affairs with Bill Horton, and Mike Horton when he was barely out of his teens!

Regarding Sarah, Maggie had originally intended to be the surrogate mother for Evan Whyland and his wife. Evan's wife died before Sarah was born and Mickey and Maggie decided to sue for custody. Evan died when Stefano tried to have Maggie killed by tampering with the brakes of her car but Evan was killed instead. Stefano wanted Maggie dead because she had witnessed one of his crimes (I think related to his drug activities). Maggie may have been the first Salemite targeted by Stefano!
Yes! I'd forgotten to mention Linda & Mike! At the time (in what was rather controversial), Mike was concerned that he might be gay. Linda took young Mike to bed to prove to him that he wasn't (I think Mike might have actually lost his virginity to Linda). Meanwhile, Linda completely ignored the fact that she had a barely legal stud in her bed and pretended that Mike was really Mickey! I couldn't remember what had happened to Evan's wife (was she ever even seen on-screen?). I do know that Mickey began investigating Stefano as a result of Maggie's car accident which is what lead to Stefano tampering with the plan to South America that Mickey was on, causing it to crash. Stefano kept Mickey in a cage in the jungle for the better part of a year (on screen, even!) while all of Salem believed Mickey had been killed (the body found was actually the pilot). It was during this time that Maggie started dating Don Craig. Needless to say, Mickey's return caused problems. An interesting point with Evan (played by Lane Davies who went on to be Mason Capwell on Santa Barbara), he was romantically involved with Sandy Horton (daughter of Tommy) and he actually died on the operating table while she (a doctor) was operating on him. I think this lead to Martha Smith (who played Sandy at the time and would later co-star on Scarecrow & Mrs. King and had earlier appeared in the film Animal House) leaving the show (Sandy left to recover from Evan's death). When Sandy returned a year later, another actress was in the role.
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