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hmmm. how does that work if Alice was married in March 1930, yet was already finishing up her second pregnancy in Jan. 1932? Did she already have a bun in the oven when her and Tom married? ;)

I mean... I guess if Alice IMMEDIATELY conceived on her wedding night she could have given birth to the twins in late Dec-early Jan and then if she immediately conceived again as soon as she and Tom were able she could have gotten knocked up with Mickey. Hmmm.
Do you think Tom & Alice's wedding should be pushed back to 1929 as the Russell book states? That would put Alice at 18 and Tom at 19 when they married, still within the bounds of realism given the 1910 & 1911 birth years. Does anyone else have thoughts? I'd like the ages nailed down by concenses of everyone before I go forward.
I think 18 & 19 are reasonable ages for marriage during that time period. I think the 1910 and 1911 birth dates for Alice & Tom are most accurate. In the script of the first episode that Jason47 posted on his website, it specifically states that Tom is 55 and Alice is 54. The script also says Mickey is 33 and Marie is 23.
Oh! I didn't see that script! I've got the 1st ep of DAYS on tape, but I never read the actual script. I'm inclined to adjust Tom & Alice's wedding date to 1929 despite the prevelant use of 1930 in quite a few places. The Maureen Russell book makes a point of stating that all dates given are taken from actual scripts and show bible material, so (at least IMO) that might be given more merit.
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