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Jan 2 2010, 11:42 AM
Jan 2 2010, 10:14 AM
I think you are wrong. This certainly isnīt the usual DiMera did it twist. The show did a good job a)establishing EJ as a victim and b)showing Stefano is really innocent this time. Of course some people still quesses it but that itself is positive because it means the twist is logical and stems from the story. Some people are always ahead of writers. Some people even quessed Bruce Willis is dead long before the movie ended but that doesnīt mean the twist was bad.

Best twists works when after everything is revealed you can look back and suddenly see all the subtle signs indicating towards the truth. And in EJīs case we certainly got some telling camera angles, overblown sadness and suspicious decisions. The only thing which needs to be explained is his surprise after the ransom note was delivered but we really donīt know yet in what capacity are Anna and him cooperating. Itīs quite possible the ransom was not a part of the original plan.
We don't agree often but in this case I completely agree with you and I think you raise a good point with your "Sixth Sense" comparison. When I watched that movie in the theater, I kept noticing how the conversations, though cleverly staged, didn't appear to be exactly mutual, such that the "twist" was not a surprise to me at all. In some ways my husband has ruined movie-watching for me because I can't recall him ever in over 20 years being surprised by anything; he always has the plot figured out about ten minutes in. I've become extra-sensitive to plot holes and editing issues over the years thanks to him. Now, watching this story unfold, I've been asking myself things like, is EJ ever alone? Do his actions have only an innocent explanation or is there more?

I agree that the only thing that so far can't be explained is EJ's (somewhat mild) surprise when he got the note, but we don't know that that won't be explained as Anna screwing up the instructions or taking matters into her own hands. We do know that EJ refused to allow police involvement despite promising to work with the Bradys so the note sits around, unchecked for fingerprints, the police not checking any leads.

What I've actually liked about this buildup--and as I've said, I've been thinking for weeks EJ is behind it--is that everything EJ has done since Nicole got hit on the head has had both an innocent and a non-innocent explanation. Everything he's done, from accusing everyone else to demanding Nicole remember all she knows, can be put down as the actions of a terrified father OR were ways of deflecting blame from himself and trying to find out everything everyone else knows so he can stay one step ahead. His demanding to be told the instant there's any information is perfectly rational for a frightened parent . . . and it's also perfectly rational that a person committing a felony wants to know what the cops know so he can clean up any mess and fix any mistake to avoid getting caught.

I don't think it's wishy-washy storytelling at all. I've found EJ's actions to be suspicious ever since the pub scenes with Brady. As I've noted, if EJ didn't legitimately appear to be desperate and sick with worry he would be even more suspicious. There's been very little suspicion thrown EJ's way so far and as usual with Salem schemes, everyone else has to be dumbed down so that the criminal can get away with it. I guess it's EJ's turn to have everybody else bumbling around needing instructions as to which is their ass and which is their elbow, since the fact that neither Rafe nor Sami have seriously considered EJ as a suspect is completely mind-blowing. Back when EJ and Sami first met and he was manipulating the shit out of her that worked fine because she didn't know who he was and we didn't either. Now we know a lot about him and how he acts and how he's not above committing whatever crime is necessary to achieve his own ends, and he has the most obvious revenge motive of them all.

Of course, as I said earlier in this thread, EJ's grief would probably seem as false to everyone as it does to me if AS was remembering to make her character seem like a horrified mother who's undergoing a tremendous loss. I mean, her child is MISSING. She doesn't know who has her or where she is. Even on the pier vigil scenes all we got was the scrunchy face ugly cry and then it's right back to champagne and sex with Rafe. Personally, I would be a lot more disappointed if EJ had been acting like Sami because then it would have been a lot more obvious that he knew Sydney was safe. The way Sami is acting she acts like it too, and it reminds me of how terrible AS was during those scenes where Sami was supposed to be trying to stop the EJole wedding. She came off like a smug bitch and not like someone who had a major, life-altering secret she was just about to tell but was stopped from telling by another bombshell revelation (the attempt on Philip's life). I felt at the time the problem was that AS knew Sami wasn't going to tell so she played it that way--no drama or uncertainty at all.
Good post, and I agree with you. I think I read somewhere that Anna does botch up the ransom. Now, whether it is referring to the note or to the actual ransom drop itself, I don't know. Perhaps, Anna has decided to turn the tables on EJ and go for more than he originally promised her. Who knows? I was wondering if EJ acts shocked about the note b/c he knows the surveillance cameras are on in the mansion.
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