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Jan 2 2010, 03:39 PM
Jan 2 2010, 10:14 AM
Jan 2 2010, 12:00 AM
EJ? Why am I not surprised? DH can't write a convincing simple sentence, let alone a compelling twist. A Dimera did it? SHOCKING!!!!!!!! I think I will literally PASS OUT from the UNLIKELY act of a Dimera being behind a kidnapping in SALEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quick someone - get the smelling salts, I'm going down.. THe surprise of it all - it's just too much....

GMAFB! This is crap - utter crap. Sure it's nice to see EJ with a brain return, but this is just predictable, boring and OH so expected.
I think you are wrong. This certainly isnīt the usual DiMera did it twist. The show did a good job a)establishing EJ as a victim and b)showing Stefano is really innocent this time. Of course some people still quesses it but that itself is positive because it means the twist is logical and stems from the story. Some people are always ahead of writers. Some people even quessed Bruce Willis is dead long before the movie ended but that doesnīt mean the twist was bad.

Best twists works when after everything is revealed you can look back and suddenly see all the subtle signs indicating towards the truth. And in EJīs case we certainly got some telling camera angles, overblown sadness and suspicious decisions. The only thing which needs to be explained is his surprise after the ransom note was delivered but we really donīt know yet in what capacity are Anna and him cooperating. Itīs quite possible the ransom was not a part of the original plan.
I find it hard to understand how anyone could find this surprising. EJ is the most obvious person in this storyline to want to do this, he's been hurt and lied to by everyone, not to mention, he has a personality that isn't too forgiving. How is that a twist? You've explained how the writers made this believable over the last month but I don't see how you've explained that it shouldn't have been expected from the minute they said there was a twist coming and not because of anything they wrote but because it was going to be a DiMera. That is what always happens which is the point I see a lot of people making.
I think it's a twist because I honestly believe more people would have expected Stefano to do it. The other twist was for Nicole to get caught, rekidnap Sydney, and THEN get her taken away. That was rather unexpected. Also hard to explain, unless EJ implanted a tracking device on her or something.
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