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The following article of mine was published in our local newspaper at the time of Christopher Reeve's death. (I live less than a half hour west of where Reeve lived)

Keep Reeve's legacy alive
(Original publication: October 13, 2004)
To his legions of fans, throughout the world, Christopher Reeve was "Superman." But, before he shot to superstardom as the Man of Steel, I knew him on the small screen. I, along, with millions of daytime viewers, watched him perform on the CBS-TV soap opera "Love of Life," where he played Benno Harper. During the course of his storyline, Benno became, of all things, a bigamist. I knew, even then, that he had unique qualities that would serve him well during his career. After he left the mythical town of "Rosehill," he went on to the city of "Metropolis," and the rest, as they say, is history.
Nine years ago, when he suffered his accident, it would have been very easy for him to retreat to a private life, and concentrate his energies, solely, on the insurmountable odds that now confronted him. But, Christopher Reeve refused to give up. Indeed, it was his "love of life," his courage and tenacity that truly made him a real-life "Superman."
His death should not be in vain; stem-cell research should and must be allowed to continue. That is why I will be casting my vote for the only presidential candidate (John Kerry) who favors this key that will, someday, allow thousands to discard their wheelchairs and walk again.
May God bless Christopher Reeve; he will always be in my heart.

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