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Alrighty, let's get a little 1965/66 chronology going on. I've decide to err on the side of caution and adjust Tom & Alice's wedding year to 1929 which is the year given in the Russell book. As our beloved DAYS OF OUR LIVES premieres on November 8, 1965, this is how things look:

DR. TOM HORTON (b.3/15/1910) & ALICE GRAYSON HORTON (b.1/23/1911)
---DR. TOMMY HORTON (b.1931 - d.1953)
------KITTY HORTON (b.1931)
---------SANDY HORTON (b.1952e)
---ADDIE HORTON (b.1931)
------BEN OLSON (b.1927e)
---------JULIE OLSON (b.1949)
---------STEVEN OLSON (b.1951)
---MICKEY HORTON (b.1/19/1932)
---DR. BILL HORTON (b.1939)
---MARIE HORTON (b.1942)

MRS. MERRITT (unknown, but deceased prior to 1965)
---TONY MERRITT (b.1938e)

DIANE HUNTER (b.1927e)
(m. and div. prior to 1965)
---SUSAN HUNTER (b.1948)

Please note that Kitty & Sandy would not actually appear on-screen until 1967. Likewise, Richard & Susan would not be introduced until 1966. Although both Bill & Diane would be introduced in 1965, it was several weeks after the premiere and, consequently, neither are often considered original cast members/characters.

At the launch of the series, the 2 primary stories are teen-aged Julie's troubles with her parents Ben & Addie and her rebellion (and subsequent refuge in the home of her grandparents Tom & Alice), and Marie's upcoming wedding to fiance Tony Merritt (the wedding was scheduled for Thanksgiving). Unfortunately, Tony was in ill health, which he kept from Marie and, shortly before the wedding, was diagnosed with a potentially fatal blood disease. Not wanting to be a burden to Marie, Tony suddenly and unexpectedly broke the engagement the night before the wedding and fled town. Dispondant, Marie attempted suicide with an overdose of pills, but survived and was released from the hospital in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, Ben had accepted a job in Europe and moved there with Addie and Steven. Julie didn't want to go with them and was allowed to live with Tom and Alice. Mickey began dating Diane Hunter, mother of Julie's bestfriend Susan Hunter. Years earlier, Mickey had handled Diane's divorce from ex-husband Richard. Mickey was quite the playboy and he and Diane began a casual affair that didn't preclude him from dating other girls. Elsewhere, a recovering Marie began to find comfort and support with Tony's father Craig. The much older Craig had loved Marie from afar for quite some time and proposed marriage. Vulnerable, yet longing for the stablity she believed a marriage to Craig would provide, Marie accepted his proposal and the couple were wed in March 1966 (source: Beth's Days Page). Naturally, after the wedding, Tony was cured of his blood disease and returned to Salem to find the woman he loved married to his father. Let's then establish as FACT...

m.3/1966 (Marie, age: 24; Craig, age: 48)
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