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Jan 3 2010, 12:02 AM
Oh my God, I had no idea Hope and Julie were half-sisters!!!!!!
Yeah, I didn't really realize that until a few years ago (when I started coming online and doing my "homework"). I never really thought about it, and just assumed that Julie was Hope's mom..

Coming online changed the viewing experience for me. I know have a wealth of background info I didn't have before, which, again, changed the entire viewing dynamic... I feel like I understand more, but it's funny to think back on how I used to watch the show (no spoilers, no background info).

In fact, when they used to re-write back history - such as Marlena's "missing years" (bad example but there's more) - up until 8th or 9th grade, I actually assumed that the time was a) either made up in real time (which Marlena's kind of was, hence the bad example) or b) actually played out on screen, with the story dropped, only to be picked up 10 years later LOL..and it gets better, I didn't think the story was dropped dropped as in change in creative direction, I actually thought that the story wasn't brought up again for 10 years as a pre-planned thing, LOL...
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