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Let's carry on with 1966, shall we? First, let's see how we stand...

DR. TOM HORTON (b.3/15/1910)
---DR. TOMMY HORTON (b.1931 - d.1953)
------KITTY HORTON (b.1931)
---------SANDY HORTON (b.1952e)
---ADDIE HORTON (b.1931)
------BEN OLSON (b.1927e)
---------JULIE OLSON (b.1949)
---------STEVEN OLSON (b.1951)
---MICKEY HORTON (b.1/19/1932)
---DR. BILL HORTON (b.1939)
---MARIE HORTON (b.1942)
------CRAIG MERRITT (b.1918e)

TONY MERRITT (b.1938e)

DIANE HUNTER (b.1927e)
(m. and div. prior to 1965)
---SUSAN HUNTER (b.1948)

Continuing on with Marie's story, Tony was shocked to discover that his former fiancee and true love had married his father Craig. To make matters even more awkward, Tony lived with Craig and Marie for a brief time until Marie discovered that she was expecting Craig's baby. Tony then moved out and into an apartment where he met his new neighbor, a young psychiatric intern at University Hopsital -- Dr. Laura Spencer. Now, before we go on further, we need to investigate Laura since she'll prove to be quite the pivotal character. The only source I've found that actually lists her birth date is Beth's Days Page which gives January 21 as her birthday, but does not specify a year. Floy Dean (Laura #1, 1966) was born in 1946 (Jason's). Susan Flannery (Laura #2, the best remembered, 1966-1975) was born in 1939 (Wiki, IMDB, Jason's). Susan Oliver (Laura #3, 1975-1976) was born 1932 (Wiki, IMDB, Jason's). Rosemary Forsyth (Laura #4, 1976-1980) was born in 1943 (Wiki & IMDB). Jaime Lyn Bauer (Laura #5, 1993-1999, 2003) was born 1949 (Wiki, IMDB, Jason's). We have an actress age range of 17 years (1932-1949). Of course, many performers play younger or older, so it might be hard to garner a true age for Laura. However, one date stands out to me -- Susan Flannery's (Laura #2) birth year of 1939 which is the same year we established that Bill Horton was born. Edward Mallory (who played Bill opposite Flannery's Laura) was born in 1930. Bill is obviously older than Laura -- but by how much? Bill will turn 27 in 1966. Both Bill & Laura are interns. Personally, I find it full within the realm of believability that Laura might be 25 (putting her birth year in 1941). 1941 is 2 years younger than Flannery, but 1 year older than Forsyth and almost in the middle of Oliver & Bauer. 1941 also places her 1 year older than Marie who was said to be a graduate student. Personally, I think the 1941 year is a good estimate. Therefore, I believe we can establish as FACT (for our purposes) that...

DR. LAURA SPENCER (b.1/21/1941e)

Elsewhere, Julie has started secretly dating David Martin who came from a prominent family and was just as spoiled as she was. Considering how pivotal David will prove to be, we should deal with the Martins. David's parents are John & Helen Martin. Considering that they are relatively minor characters in the grand scheme of things, I won't go into too much research on them. Just know that they exist. David, however, is refered to in the Zenka book as being somewhat older than Julie. Considering that Julie would turn 17 in 1966 (and best friend Susan would turn 18 in 1966), I believe that David might be either 19 or 20. Stephen Mines (David #1, 1966) was born in 1939 (Jason's). Clive Clerk (David #2, 1966-1967) was born in 1945 (IMDB, Jason's). I think David might actually be 20 (Clerk would turn 21 in 1966), so I propose we establish as FACT (for our purposes)...

---DAVID MARTIN (b.1946)

In any event, David & Julie had a rather hot and intense romance and after a few months of dating, the couple decided to elope across state lines to marry. Unfortunately, before they could leave, Tom wise deduced that Julie was up to something and managed to offer sage words of advice that led her to call off the elopement. Upset that Julie had refused to elope, David went off to get drunk and ran into Susan who was reeling from the news that her father (who had recently moved to New York) was planning on remarrying and was drowning her own sorrows. Drunk David & drunk Susan conceived a child in David's car. Needless to say, neither one of them were happy with the development. Neither wanted a child, but decided to marry (after counseling with Tom) in order to give the baby a name -- a baby that they then planned to give up for adoption and then divorce. David's parents didn't know that Susan was pregnant before the wedding. Julie knew, however, and also knew about the post-birth adoption plans and decided to bide her time until David was free. Consequently, David and Julie continued to see one another romantically in secret. Unfortunately for Susan, Susan had no idea about David & Julie's secret relationship. In fact, Julie continued to play the role of Susan's best friend and even served as Susan's maid of honor. To make sure that David & Susan's marriage was in name only for the sake of the legitimacy of the baby, a jealous Julie would show up unexpectedly to make sure nothing was going on between David & Susan. We can establish as FACT...

---DAVID MARTIN (b.1946)

Meanwhile, the Merritt situation was taking a turn for the worse when Marie miscarried her baby. Marie didn't handle the miscarriage very well and entered into a deep depression and near nervous breakdown during which she had hallucinations and heard phantom babies crying. When Tony finally revealed to Craig the true reason he'd left Marie at the altar (his believed fatal blood disease), it seemed to sound a death knell for the Merritt marriage.
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