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DR. TOM HORTON (b.3/15/1910)
---DR. TOMMY HORTON (b.1931 - d.1953)
------KITTY HORTON (b.1931)
---------SANDY HORTON (b.1952e)
---ADDIE HORTON (b.1931)
------BEN OLSON (b.1927e)
---------JULIE OLSON (b.1949)
---------STEVEN OLSON (b.1951)
---MICKEY HORTON (b.1/19/1932)
---DR. BILL HORTON (b.1939)
---MARIE HORTON (b.1942)
------CRAIG MERRITT (b.1918e)
---------miscarrage 1966

TONY MERRITT (b.1938e)

DR. LAURA SPENCER (b.1/21/1941e)

DIANE HUNTER (b.1927e)
(m. and div. prior to 1965)
---SUSAN HUNTER (b.1948)
------DAVID MARTIN (b.1946)

Marie gradually recovered from the loss of her baby and Craig, after learning the real reason Tony left Marie and seeing that Tony & Marie still loved one another, did the gallant thing and stepped aside. Noble and proud, Marie refused to accept anything in the divorce settlement (although Craig generously offered) and moved back in with Tom & Alice. Craig gave Tony & Marie his blessing to rediscover their romance, but the sight of them together pained him and Craig left town in early 1967, never to be seen (or even talk about, for that matter) again. Therefore, we know for a FACT...

---CRAIG MERRITT (b.1918e)
------(m.3/1966 - div.1967)
---------miscarrage 1966

Susan & David continued with their sham of a marriage (while David continue to see Julie in secret) and planned to leave town so that they could claim the baby was stillborn and they could put their baby up for adoption in secret (all the while keeping the truth of everything from David's parents). However, David didn't want to leave Julie behind and refused. Ironically, Julie could no longer deal with seeing David & Susan together and left town to go see her parents Ben & Addie in Europe (also, making way for the 1st recast in the part). Susan's only true joy during this period was the gradual reuniting of her parents Richard & Diane (who had stopped dating Mickey). Richard's planned remarriage in New York had fallen through and he'd returned to Salem. Richard & Diane remarried before the end of 1966 (source: Zenka's book) and pretty much faded into the background as supporting players for Susan from thenafter.

Elsewhere, Bill had decided to remain in Salem at University Hospital even though he'd been accepted at John Hopkins , primarily due to his budding romance with pretty psychiatric intern Laura Spencer.

In regards to David & Susan, they never got a chance to leave town to have their baby because Susan went into premature labor in January 1967 (source: Zenka's book) and delivered a baby boy. Upon hearing the news, Julie returned from Europe because she believed that David & Susan would soon divorce and she'd be able to marry him. However, the premature birth and the baby's health crisis temporarily drew David & Susan together. Once Bill had urged Susan to see her baby (she'd been avoidant due to her determination to give the baby away), Susan began to fall in love with her child. Deciding that she couldn't give him away, she named him Richard (called "Dickie") after her father and became determined to make her marriage to David work in order to give her baby the stable home she never had. To say that Julie was not amused would be an understatement. Therefore, we can state as FACT...

DIANE HUNTER (b.1927e)
(m. and div. prior to 1965) (rm.12/1966)
---SUSAN HUNTER (b.1948)
------DAVID MARTIN (b.1946)
---------RICHARD "DICKIE" MARTIN (b.1/1967)
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