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DR. TOM HORTON (b.3/15/1910)
---DR. TOMMY HORTON (b.1931 - d.1953)
------KITTY HORTON (b.1931)
---------SANDY HORTON (b.1952e)
---ADDIE HORTON (b.1931)
------BEN OLSON (b.1927e)
---------JULIE OLSON (b.1949)
---------STEVEN OLSON (b.1951)
---MICKEY HORTON (b.1/19/1932)
---DR. BILL HORTON (b.1939)
---CRAIG MERRITT (b.1918e)
------(m.3/1966 - div.1967)
---------miscarrage 1966

TONY MERRITT (b.1938e)

DR. LAURA SPENCER (b.1/21/1941e)

DIANE HUNTER (b.1927e)
(m. and div. prior to 1965) (rm.12/1966)
---SUSAN HUNTER (b.1948)
------DAVID MARTIN (b.1946)
---------RICHARD "DICKIE" MARTIN (b.1/1967)

Despite Susan's desire to build a stable home for baby Dickie, David wanted to end the marriage so he could be with Julie and thought he could do so by finally revealing to everyone that he and Susan only got married because they had to. Unfortunately for David, the general consensus of both his and Susan's parents was that he should own up to his responsibilities and be both a husband to Susan and a father to Dickie. Furious that Susan wouldn't let David go, Julie declared war on Susan. However, as soon as Grandfather Tom found out about Julie & David's secret relationship, he wanted to send Julie back to Ben & Addie in Europe. Unfortunately for him, Julie was now 18 and the recipient of a rather sizable trust fund from her other grandfather (Ben's father) and moved out on her own. Julie, David, & Susan's problems also manages to spark conflict between brothers Bill & Mickey. There was a long-simmering case of sibling rivalry between the two and they clashed when they found themselves on oppositite sides of the Julie/David/Susan triangle (Mickey had agreed to represent David in the divorce at Julie's behast while Bill, who had become close friends and almost a surrogate big brother to Susan, sided with Susan in the matter). The was also conflict because Mickey had become rather infatuated with pretty Dr. Laura Spencer and was quite jealous of the fact that Laura was already romantically involved with Bill. The Bill/Mickey conflict brought other Horton family issue to light including Bill's feelings of competition with eldest Horton son Tommy who was presumed dead in Korea. Bill always felt that Tommy was Tom's favorite (and he was partly right!).

On the Tony/Marie front, their attempts at reconciliation proved futile. Not only could they not manage to recapture the love they once shared, Tony found near universal disapproval from the Horton family because of his earlier actions (and Bill didn't care for Tony becaues Tony had once briefly dated Laura while Marie was married to Craig). In the end, Tony & Marie broke up for good and Tony left town, never to be mentioned again.

In a warped twist of irony, just as Tony had learned of a tragic, secret ailment and had fled Salem without telling anyone the truth, Bill found himself suffering from a similiar situation. After weeks of difficulty and pain in his hand (his surgery hand, incidentally), Bill was secretly diagnosed with tuberculosis of the bone in the hand and required surgery to save it. Unfortunately, the surgery meant that he might never operate again! Feeling like a failure and unsure what the future held for him, Bill abruptly broke up with Laura (to whom he'd been planning on marrying) and left Salem for parts unknown.

In regards to Julie, David, and Susan: Julie & David continued to see one another behind Susan's back, but despite David & Susan's feelings of animosity towards each other, they both fell in love with baby Dickie. Unfortunately, David & Susan had opposing views on how to raise the child (Susan, much more overprotective, David, much more aggressive and lenient). Tragedy struck when Dickie was critically injured in a playground accident while until David's watch and then died. Driven out of her mind with grief, Susan shot and killed David! Meanwhile, Julie learned that she was pregnant with David's child...

Therefore, at this juncture, we can establish as FACT...

DIANE HUNTER (b.1927e)
(m. and div. prior to 1965) (rm.12/1966)
---SUSAN HUNTER (b.1948)
------DAVID MARTIN (b.1946 - d.1967)
---------RICHARD "DICKIE" MARTIN (b.1/1967 - d.1967)
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