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wow....this is interesting learning the history of Days. I am 29 so a lot of this....I was not even born yet lol. I have always watched Days though from when I was younger to current and sometimes names and relationships would come up that I was not sure who was related to whom or how or why lol. This is all very very interesting. I hope you keep up the good work!

I do have a quick question....and actually I am getting way ahead of myself as you aren't up to this time frame yet but Shawn D....you had mentioned he was born in 1987? I think that is somewhat accurate in a sense. Well somewhat....off by maybe 3 or 4 years....I just know that I think it was in 1999 that he was like 15 or 16 I think? With Belle and Philip about the same age and Brady being a bit older though. While I know they upgraded Belle, Philips and Brady's age significantly, as I always remembered Brady and Belle just children before 1999 and Philip being born of Vivian only a few years before 1999, Shawn D's age seems to be less upgraded then the rest. I do remember in the 90s seeing a Shawn D with his parents and everything and him not really being a full "child" compared to Brady and Belle. So if they did upgrade Shawn D's age...I would think only by 3 or 4 years? Perhaps 5 years at the most? Which isn't all that bad and actually a little more "believeable" considering how much Brady, Belle and Philip's age all got upgraded....or am I way off?
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