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Jan 3 2010, 04:53 PM
wow....this is interesting learning the history of Days. I am 29 so a lot of this....I was not even born yet lol. I have always watched Days though from when I was younger to current and sometimes names and relationships would come up that I was not sure who was related to whom or how or why lol. This is all very very interesting. I hope you keep up the good work!

I do have a quick question....and actually I am getting way ahead of myself as you aren't up to this time frame yet but Shawn D....you had mentioned he was born in 1987? I think that is somewhat accurate in a sense. Well somewhat....off by maybe 3 or 4 years....I just know that I think it was in 1999 that he was like 15 or 16 I think? With Belle and Philip about the same age and Brady being a bit older though. While I know they upgraded Belle, Philips and Brady's age significantly, as I always remembered Brady and Belle just children before 1999 and Philip being born of Vivian only a few years before 1999, Shawn D's age seems to be less upgraded then the rest. I do remember in the 90s seeing a Shawn D with his parents and everything and him not really being a full "child" compared to Brady and Belle. So if they did upgrade Shawn D's age...I would think only by 3 or 4 years? Perhaps 5 years at the most? Which isn't all that bad and actually a little more "believeable" considering how much Brady, Belle and Philip's age all got upgraded....or am I way off?
You're not way off. Shawn-D actually aged in a pretty much normal fashion as did Abby Devereaux and has Will Roberts/Horton (I still want to call him Will Roberts), but I think that has much more to do with the ages of those characters' parents rather than the characters themselves. As soon as you SORAS a kid, you immediately bump their parents up an age bracket. With characters like Brady, Belle, & Philip, their parents were already mature adults as opposed to younger adults, late teens when those kids were born, so it was much easier to believe that they were parents of older children. Of course, it's also possble that the writers learned from history and how strangely they'd aged the character of David Banning (not quite yet born in my retelling of the story). Born in 1967, he came back to Salem after a stint in boarding school in 1974 SORASed to 18 and after his inheritance. Susan Seaforth Hayes who played his mother was only 29 at the time. Imagine if Will turned 18 FIVE YEARS AGO, and you'll have a similar SORASing comparison. SORASing situations like this is one of the reasons why ATWT's Eileen Fulton had a "no grandmother clause" written into her contract for years. Although she was relative young, they SORASed Lisa's son Tom at lightning speed (born in 1960, Tom was already a practicing attorney in the early 1970s).

Also, it should be noted that while, thus far, I've been giving a relative straightforward retelling of DAYS history, it'll start to go off the rails a bit once I start focusing on Un-SORASing characters. Little David Banning *won't* be turning 18 in 1974 -- he'll turn 18 when he's supposed to based on the year of his actual on-screen birth: in 1985. Since Scotty was born 3 years later, Scotty Banning will be born in 1988. Of course, this will totally screw some things up and it'll mean that some characters might never become involved due to age conflicts. I'm still wondering how to handle the Bradys. For the most part, they're fairly standalone and their timelines don't cross into the Hortons too severely. But it's that Bo/Hope crossover and connection to deal with. I suppose I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Of course, in un-SORASing characters, I'll also give accurate historical information in regards to how characters were actually SORASed, to what supposed ages and when, so even though this is somewhat of a "fantasy analysis", there'll still be plenty of actual historical information to be learned.
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