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Jan 3 2010, 04:38 PM
Jan 3 2010, 03:39 PM
SR/Maggie looks so beautful. She too is an amazing actress. She is going to rock in these upcoming scenes. While Bo and Hope's love story will always be my favorite, Mickey and Maggie's is the next one.
I dunno. The whole "Red Shoes" thing and Maggie not being able to walk....that's pretty hard to top..............that was some good mushy stuff, that. That would probably rank #1 with me. Although the Kayla being deaf and signing vows was pretty heart-rending, too.
You know, it's amazing to look back and think about exactly how long Mickey & Maggie were stuck on that farm. Mickey suffered his stroke and wandered out of the hospital with amnesia in 1973 (and was presumed dead in the process) and ended up on Maggie's farm in Brookville calling himself Marty Hansen. With Mickey gone, Bill and Laura fell in love again. An amnesiac Mickey/Marty fell for crippled Maggie and they first married in 1974 (with Maggie on crutches). Maggie then found out who Mickey really was (and that he already had a wife), but kept the news from him out of fear that she'd lose him. When Tom saw Mickey/Marty's picture in a newspaper, he realized he was alive and went to Brookville. Unfortunately, seeing Tom brought back no memories for Mickey/Marty and he had no emotional attachment to Salem. He then divorced Laura (who finally married Bill at the end of 1974). Maggie had her surgery in 1975 (during which is the famous "red shoes" scene), but she still couldn't walk because of a psycosomatic fear that walking would cause her to lose Mickey. Mickey & Maggie returned to the farm (he still couldn't remember anything) and he helped with her recovery while Tom and Mike would visit hoping to jog his memory. His former lover Linda Phillip also made another play for Mickey during this time hoping to use his amnesia (and her daughter Melissa whom she still claimed was Mickey's) to her advantage. Fortunately, Maggie discovered the truth about Linda and nipped that in the bud (thanks to the help and information provided by Laura and Linda's ex Jim Phillips). It wasn't until 1976 when a young adult Mike was involved in an accident on the farm that required a blood transfusion that Mickey finally learned that he wasn't Mike's father. After the whole truth came out (Bill was Mike's father because he'd forced himself on Laura), all of Mickey's memory can back and pushed him off the deep end causing him to try and shoot Bill to death. Mickey had to be institutionalized (nearly catatonic) and it was at this point in 1976 that Marlena was introduced as one of Mickey's doctors. However, at this point, Mike STILL DIDN'T KNOW THE TRUTH -- until a whacked out and drugged Mickey told him the truth during a visit at the institution. Needless to say, Mike didn't take the lifetime of deception well and went off on Bill & Laura for hurting Mickey. Mickey eventually recovered & Maggie could walk again (she was on crutches for her first 3 years on the show!). Mickey & Maggie continued to live on the farm for years. Julie nearly had her face burned off when Maggie's farmhouse stove exploded in her face in 1979. I don't think it was until the early 80s until Maggie finally decided to sell the farm and she and Mickey moved to their lakehouse in Salem (I still remember that house with the double front doors with the big round door knobs).
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