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Jan 2 2010, 04:59 PM
Jan 2 2010, 02:59 PM
Maybe I'm crazy, but it just doesn't seem like EJ is being written as the mastermind of the Sydnapping plot. Not yet. It doesn't make sense why he looks so devastated when he is all alone? Who is he acting for...Stefano's own survelliance cameras at Dimansion? I just don't see it.

Now I do think he will try to kidnap Syd from Anna once he knows she is behind it. Then he will keep Sydney all to himself to punish Sami, Rafe, Stefano and Nicole for being such lying aholes! That will be the big twist. Then he can spend time making up to Sydney for being such a butthead to her when he kicked her out of their house.

Oh, I think he is the mastermind of the kidnapping. Since we know Stefano isn't in on it, someone had to be feeding Anna info about where Nicole was and when and EJ had his men following Nicole, so he would know. EJ is out to make sure everyone who deceived him about Grace/Sydney pays.
But then why does he look so devastated when he's all alone?
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