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The day to day writing has been solid for awhile but the past few episodes have been on another level with all the history mentions and all the issues being addressed. It's really helping the stories to be even better.

For instance, today we finally got some focus on what this Nathan/Melanie/Philip mess has done and will do to Stephanie. For the first time in forever, she finally seems like a part of this story again. Really enjoyed this quad's scenes today. Good acting and writing. I loved when Stephanie got bitchy and walked out on helping Nathan. The Nathan/Melanie scenes were fantastic too.

The Victor/Hope scenes were wonderful. I also loved the Justin/Vivian and Bo/Carly stuff. That flashback of Bo/Carly...love it! The 2010 glasses Bo gave Carly were a nice touch and I love seeing Hope in detective mode and working with Justin.

Arianne Zucker and Eric Martsolf were great too. I loved how they remembered Brady's return to Salem and both wishes they both acted on their feelings.

So much story movement today and it was all done with great writing and character interactions. Other soaps need to take notes from Days, ATWT, and OLTL because it's what works.
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