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Jan 3 2010, 01:35 PM
Yes Carly and Lawrence and Nicholas's birth was off screen.But there was flashbacks.I mean Vivian hating Carly now is understandable but back then it was WTH although I think Viv was in lust with her nephew.

On the Bo/Carly breaking up.Yes they was bringing Lawrence and Carly closer ecspecially after they found out there child was alive.During the buried alive story.It was Lawrence that was shattered by Carlys death.MS was awesome in that story.
If he was my nephew, I would have been in lust with him too! :laugh: Circa 1999, of course....[/quote]Remembering all this makes me laugh because I always believed that at the root of Viv's hatred of Carly was her lust for Lawrence. There's really no other reason that makes sense for her actions regarding Lawrence and Nicholas. Incest has always been a recurring theme on DAYS!

Totally forgot about Lisann and Nicky killing her until someone up-thread mentioned it.
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