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Jan 4 2010, 02:22 PM
That's my point, CC says one thing in an interview about her character Carly, then Carly does the exact opposite of what CC said. Just like her intervew about Carly not coming back to be with Bo, then her character Carly goes full speed ahead with Bo. Hello, just what does CC think that her character Carly is doing by playing this little innocent act with Bo. I don't believe her.
Carly didn't come back with romantic intentions for Bo. I think that was made clear from the start. She had murdered Lawrence and she needed Bo's help because his minions were after her.

Of course, over time her old feelings for him have begun to resurface (and perhaps vice-versa?) but to suggest that Crystal was lying when she said that Carly wasn't returning to Salem to break up Bo and Hope's marriage is just silly. I do think that the writing for this story leaves alot to be desired, but one thing I've really enjoyed is that Carly isn't obsessed with Bo and she isn't actively trying to win him back. Yes, things are happening, but the fallout isn't at all what Carly expected and hoped to happen when she stuck that knife in Lawrence's gut.
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