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I don't know if you are referring to me. I was responding to the reasons why there is no actor bashing allowed on SC, a board owned by SONY. Whether or not I agree with actor bashing is moot. Obviously as one can see in this thread some are OK with it. Other people are not. But on a privately owned board, the owner decides what is allowed and not allowed. SONY does not want actor bashing. I don't believe most actors allow it on their bbs....though at one time it happened before actors knew how to be more strict about it, or hired people to monitor. However, we all know there are bbs where actors are trashed.......private bbs not affiliated with or owned by the actor.
Actually, in your post you said: "I guarantee if you go chat with some KA fans on their private chat bbs, you would see personal trashing of other actors is allowed." And I suspect that this is the comment that hopebrady is responding to. You did actually single out KA fans in your post and made no mention of other fanbases. I have seen boards from other fanbases where Kristian (the actress, not "Hope" the character) has been mercilessly trashed and personally attacked by people on those boards in a very vicious and spiteful way, some of which have very familiar people posting on them. However no mention is ever made of these boards or fanbases. Just because someone doesn't like a character and has an opinion about that character, doesn't automatically translate that they are bashing an actor. And just because Hope fans defend Hope the character, doesn't mean they hate Crystal the actress. Some people don't seem to be able to distinguish between the character and the actor. Suspecting people are bashing an actor or assuming people are bashing an actor is a lot different from it actually happening.
Whatever. It has been implied here and elsewhere that KA fans never trash any actor. It has been implied that KA has been unfairly trashed because of Hope. Not going to do a dance of going through every post and every response to prove KA fans were not singled out. Anyone on the BBs knows what happens. NO FAN BASE is innocent and that's the truth. And on private bbs I have read fans of many actors trashing their favorite's rival, i.e. the actor portraying the rival. From DH fans trashing LK, to KA fans trashing the Billie actors, to CC fans trashing KA, to KA fans trashing CC.

But the point you are obviously missing was that in private bbs it can and will happen. On the boards owned by SONY, they are strict about not allowing it. The comment to which I was responding was about "what's the big deal about not allowing actor trashing." The obvious was that there was actor trashing of CC right here on this board from a KA fan so to say KA fans are the exception and do not actor trash is hardly true. Nuff said. Deal with it. KA fans trash actors as much as any other fan group.
Thank you for finally acknowledging that its more than KA fans who "trash" actors. That was my point. Not that KA fans don't ever do it because I don't believe I actually said that anywhere in my post. And it's unfair to tarnish all fans of an actor (any actor) due to the actions of a few. As for the "trashing" part, I don't believe all comments that people claim to be actor "trashing" across boards are in fact that, whatever the fanbase. Some are just people's opinions about an actor's performance or a character. Others though are vicious personal attacks against the actor concerned (and I've seen that in regards to a few actors). There is a difference, in my opinion and that's one of the things I like about the Sony Board, they don't allow it in any form.
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