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Jan 4 2010, 04:05 PM
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Fox/Kay sucked, IMO. They would have been amazing if Deanna Wright and Justin Hartley were in their roles and Kay and Fox both stayed anti-heroes/heroines, but the terrible recasts and the complete whitewashing of their characters ruined all that potential.
Yep. I liked Mueller at first but by the time they got to Fox/Kay, I couldn't stand her. I always felt the Tabitha/Kay friendship is what made her seem better then she was thanks to Juliet Mills.

I really wish Deanna Wright stayed in the role. LOVED her.
Deanna Wright is my favorite Passions actress EVER! Maybe I'm overexaggerating but she was REALLY good. Any other actress playing Kay would have come across desperate and weird, but she came off as a bitch who knew what she wanted. I remember seeing a promo where Charity returned in like 2006 or 2007 (a recast), what became of that? By that time I wasn't watching Passions much, and never got around to watching.
Same here. Once she left a majority of my interest went away forever and I was never hooked on the show again.
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