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And Lucas told his fans he had a big story coming up. Was BD playing some game?? Oh yea, I remember when Dee told the fans about this great love scene that was going to happen with John and Marlena on the plane crash and lo and behold, it was pathetic. Was Dee lying? You would think she would know what was taped.

Do you seriously blame the actors for the writers decisions? Are you implying the actors purposely mislead their fans? Or only CC does that? I guess I am not getting your point.
I don't think she was playing a game at all, and I'm not blaming anyone for anything. I just don't know why she bothered to say anything since she clearly didn't know where the story was going. I also wasn't the person who brought this up, so I'm not really sure why you're talking to me like this. I think the actors are lied to a lot, and then they do interviews that end up making them look stupid. CC has said multiple times that she was not being brought back to be put with Bo, and from the beginning it seems like that's exactly what she was brought back for and the way was paved for her before she came back. It seems like she would have realized from her own scenes that that's where this was headed. Obviously not. No, I'm not blaming her, but I've been saying for a while that the actors have been doing a less than impressive job in interviews lately. That's not exclusive to CC. You're right. The actors have no writing control...so maybe they need to stop talking about the future of their stories.

(as for Deidre, she did film that scene. It was cut)
That's my point, CC says one thing in an interview about her character Carly, then Carly does the exact opposite of what CC said. Just like her intervew about Carly not coming back to be with Bo, then her character Carly goes full speed ahead with Bo. Hello, just what does CC think that her character Carly is doing by playing this little innocent act with Bo. I don't believe her. The way that she was brought back makes it look like they paved the way for CC/Carly to return and have a sl to be with Bo by separating Bo and Hope before they brought CC/Carly back. This sl should have been better written. The writers, producers, and CC herself knew that there would be alot of fans that would give both CC and her character Carly crap when they brought her back this way, so it is their own fault. If they didn't want it, they should have done it differently. They are getting exactly what they asked for. If, they couldn't have brought CC/Carly back with a sl of her own without having to separate and destroy characters, then CC/Carly should have never been brought back. There were other characters that they could have brought back that would have made more sense than having CC/Carly to return in the first place. Maybe, they should think of how the current and longtime fans are going to react before they write a sl like this.
Crystal has said...in general terms, that Carly was not coming back to break up Bo and Hope. Carly came back for her child. Carly looked at Bo as a friend, and Crystal's extent of her interviews always included something along the lines of "at this point". Even now as Carly's feelings are changing, her daughter is still first on mind.

From what I have read, there are plenty of people that are open to Bo and Carly, new fans and old fans. Crystal played an interloper for 8 of her 10 years on Guiding Light, and at one point recalls being called a "bitch" at the airport. I highly doubt she is so thin-skinned that she'd take any negative comments too seriously. I'm sure TPTB are eating up every reaction that is going on in terms of this story.
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