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Jan 4 2010, 04:42 PM
I never watched when it was on NBC, but I've seen clips on Youtube and it was decent. I liked that storyline where the boat turned upside down, but did any characters actually die?
I never actually watched BEACH either except for during Shockwave (the boat storyline). I think a few people died, but I'm pretty sure they were all small characters and day players.

Also they had promos on Youtube, about this couple. I forget the name, but the woman lied about having a baby I think so she adopted one. Little did she know the baby was the product of an affair her mother and husband had. I would have LOVED to see that storyline play out.

TaintedBeach is a user on YT with LOTS of BEACH clips. I know she/he has a lot of stuff from that storyline.
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