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[/quote]Ok :x GAG ME!! OMG...and I sooo hoped Chloe would be leaving but I guess not? <sigh> I can't stand Daniel and Chloe. I know there are fans out there that are jumping up and down probably but I just...to me, it is like nails on a blackboard. I love Daniel and like Chloe just not together. :(

Also....you know this is the storyline they were giving Daniel and Chelsea! To me, just another insult from Days. They really should have kept Chelsea and kept Daniel and Chelsea together and this should have continued being their storyline! Not someone else's! But if they are insisting in keeping this travesty of a couple that is Daniel and Chloe, then at least give them their own, different, storyline for pete's sakes!

I do fervently wish and hope and pray that Chelsea comes back this year. I miss her and I really miss Rachel portraying her. I would love for Chelsea to come back into Daniel's life again! :)
Yes,there are some similarities with Chelsea being infertile but 2 completely different pairings and stories.Actually,I see Chloe's fertility problems more of a means to an end than a long term s/l.I think what Victor said about Daniel staying with Chloe until he gets bored and then dumping her to be foretelling.Did you notice how protective of Carly he is?He will want to be her hero now.

I was never a huge Dansea fan,but I didn't hate them like I do Danloe.
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