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Dec 30 2009, 05:04 PM
Please link to DR.

This week's SOD features a short interview with Molly Burnett.

Stephanie and Melanie go to the police station when they hear Nathan and Philip are in jail. At the police station, Nathan tells Melanie that she's making a big mistake in marrying Philip. Molly Burnett says that Melanie wants Nathan to tell her he loves her, "but he's not giving her enough." Burnett continues that Melanie can't leave Philip, who she loves "with 99.8 percent of her", unless Nathan would tell Melanie he loved her and wanted to be with her. "But he can't do it and he doesn't do it and he won't do it, so she leaves him in jail. Those are great scenes."

Melanie and Philip then talk about their plans to go to Las Vegas to elope. They make love afterwards, but Melanie fantasizes about Nathan. Melanie asks Philip to take her to Europe on a long honeymoon. Burnett says Melanie is "not running away from her problems"; she just wants to be with Philp so she can be reminded why she loves him.

Melanie then decides to quit the nursing program she's in, because as Burnett says, she wants to "take some time and reboot", and she wants to get away from Nathan, who also works at the hospital...
I hate that the writers are trying to make Melanie and Nathan the rooting couple.They are so boring together :sleep: .What woman in her right mind would fantasize about Nathan while in bed with Philip? :shame:
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