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Of course she doesn't, but you'd think she'd know what her story is. So far everything she has said has happened the opposite of how she's told us, IMO. I don't care. I don't dislike her, and I don't dislike the character. She's not my favorite, but I'm not paying attention to anything she says about the storylines anymore, lol.
And Lucas told his fans he had a big story coming up. Was BD playing some game?? Oh yea, I remember when Dee told the fans about this great love scene that was going to happen with John and Marlena on the plane crash and lo and behold, it was pathetic. Was Dee lying? You would think she would know what was taped.

Do you seriously blame the actors for the writers decisions? Are you implying the actors purposely mislead their fans? Or only CC does that? I guess I am not getting your point.
I don't think she was playing a game at all, and I'm not blaming anyone for anything. I just don't know why she bothered to say anything since she clearly didn't know where the story was going. I also wasn't the person who brought this up, so I'm not really sure why you're talking to me like this. I think the actors are lied to a lot, and then they do interviews that end up making them look stupid. CC has said multiple times that she was not being brought back to be put with Bo, and from the beginning it seems like that's exactly what she was brought back for and the way was paved for her before she came back. It seems like she would have realized from her own scenes that that's where this was headed. Obviously not. No, I'm not blaming her, but I've been saying for a while that the actors have been doing a less than impressive job in interviews lately. That's not exclusive to CC. You're right. The actors have no writing control...so maybe they need to stop talking about the future of their stories.

(as for Deidre, she did film that scene. It was cut)
Yes, I heard the scene DH talked about was cut. All I have is her word. Should I assume she was telling the truth or just appeasing a fan base and getting them all excited. I assumed it was the truth. I assume also that Crysta, Bryan etc are all relating what's been spun to them. Why assume one actor is being duped but the others are just being stupid???? Or being manipulated?
Why take the word of one actor but not another?
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