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So I was at Prevuze, and found out about GG's New Years tweets where he basically slammed Dick Clark, along with posting other disgusting crap.
Happy new year everybody! Does anyone elses head hurt?!
8:01 AM Jan 1st

And can dick Clark sit out next year... It's depressing. And his makeup artist needs to take it down like ten notches
8:05 AM Jan 1st

Nothing against people with debilitating diseases...it's just not the uplifting moment I'm lookin for I guess
8:16 AM Jan 1st

And not point out others imperfections, unless of course you're hosting a show in front of millions of people, then it seems like fair game
8:45 AM Jan 1st

I'm not insensitive to clarks condition I just don't see it as inspirational. It's just an obvious reminder that getting old sucks
12:06 PM Jan 1st

Ald clearly i'm not alone in thinking so... It'd be like if Jordan was still playin basketball. Know when to hang it up
12:08 PM Jan 1st

If you've had a prolific career as an announcer and now can barely count down from ten, I'm sorry but that's not inspirational
12:09 PM Jan 1st

Of course if you're not good at your job anymore it's time to move on...would u want a bad roofer or electrician working on your house?!
12:22 PM Jan 1st

Go gracefully. Know when to hang it up. The end.
12:26 PM Jan 1st

Dick Clark for president!
12:46 PM Jan 1st
I am no prude, and I crack jokes and insults with the best of them, but what he said about Dick Clark confirms to me that GG is a worthless piece of shit. At least Dick Clark has a reason for messing up the countdown, he had a stroke. What the fuck is GG's reason for his horrible acting? Those in glass houses should not throw stones asshole.

It is one thing to demean and bash someone in your own home, but to do it in public to someone who is disabled because of a stroke is fucked up. GG will never be the star Dick Clark is. He isn't fit to lick Dick Clark's shoes.
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