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Viewing Single Post From: Galen Gering New Years Tweets...WTF
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Jan 5 2010, 01:26 AM
Jan 5 2010, 01:19 AM
I don't like what he said but it's no worse then half the shit said on the net.

Seriously, I've seen worse and worse has been said about him. I think he should've expressed himself differently but it's his opinion. It doesn't mean he's a complete asshole.
I don't think Galen is an asshole for having an opinion. Lord knows I've said plenty of things that have pissed people off in the past. However, he is a pseudo-"celebrity" with many fans who hang on to every word he says, so for him to say what he said in such a public, unapologetic way, it does make him seem like kind of an asshole, LoL.
Thank you Kenny. You said it much better than I could

I admit I am a total bitch. But I don't slam those with disabilities, nor do I pretend to be better than those who clearly surpass me.
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