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Viewing Single Post From: SOD & SOW: Bo And Carly Have Sex

Jan 6 2010, 06:35 AM
The SOD Article is at this link:


I'd post the article here but I don't know how.

According to the article the Bo and Carly sex is just that it's sex not making love.
It's comfort sex! After reading the article it's obvious Bo loves Hope not Carly!
I hate that the writers have done this! The Bo and Carly sex will cost days in the ratings!
I just hope the writers haven't gone too far. If they have Hope sleap with Justin then that may just push viewers too far.
The writers have pushed things too far with this sl of breaking Bope up! This breakup of Bope is already costing days.
They have stooped to new lows. This whole Bope cheating on each other is so contrived! What happened to the romance on this show?
I read a post somewhere that Dena can't write romance and I think they may have been right! I thought soaps were supposed to be about romance? One minute the Bope storyline is good the next it's bad! What a way to bring the characters of Carly and Justin back though! All they are becoming on this show is interlopers! I was hoping they wouldn't make Carly an interloper. Justin too.
Carly's becoming a Billie 2.0 and Justin a Patrick 2.0 thanks to the writers!
Why must we have to go through all this with Bope again? We saw this sl play out 3 or 4 years ago. It's becoming tired and boring.
From the article it sounds like a repeat of two monmths ago. Hope wants to move back in with Ciara and can't because Carly's either in danger or bedding her husband. It's ridiculous! I feel like the shows in repeat mode! It's becoming repetitive!
Days need to make their show more character driven. Not plot driven.
The writers are ruining one of the most beloved couples of daytime. It's getting to the point where it's
Who's going to want to watch Bope being destroyed even further? It's becoming hard to watch the show. Most of their current couples are boring.
Bo and Hope were the only good couple left and now the writers seem hell bent on destroying them. Where is the Bo and Hope that we all loved?
Bo and Hope have been written so out of character that they are becoming unrecognizable. They are doing and saying things that are so out of character!
I don't think they are being fair to the longtime viewers who have kept them on the air all these years.

I totally agree with you. As someone who has watched DOOL from the beginning, I am finding myself having a really hard time watching DOOL with this current sl having Bo and Hope separated. I don't watch the scenes that Bo is in with Carly and I don't watch any of the scenes Carly is in. You said it so well.
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