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Jan 7 2010, 02:11 PM
Wow! Awesome news!

I suspect this is mostly driven by finances. It's another source of revenue for the show. I really wish they would start releasing some DVD's too. That is something just waiting to be explored for at least a trial run.

I don't think the backstage stuff will be anything too scandalous. it will all be filtered, which I guess is no surprise.

Whatever the case, it will still be great. The last time they released a book for any reason was the 30th Anniversary, I believe.

I'm very interested in whatever original content they produce too in terms of novels. That is intriguing.
I can only hope that they'd release some kind of DVD collections. From the best of my understanding, the Cordays kept every episode of the show (unlike P&G and the networks which didn't start keeping all eps until the early 80s). I know releasing every episode on DVD is a daunting (and some say impossible) task. Look how long it took Dark Shadows to release all 5 years. However, I'd be all in favor of couple-centric or storyline-centric boxed sets. Can you imagine "The Complete Story of Doug & Julie's 'Look of Love'"? It could be full of select episodes and clips chonicalling their entire history in one boxed set. It would include their first meet, Doug's wedding to Addie, Hope's birth, Addie's death, the full episodes surround both on-screen weddings, Julie's facial scarring in the fire, Doug's marriage to villainous Lee Dumonde, and others, all introduced by Bill & Susan Hayes with commentary on select episodes. I'd buy it in a heart beat.
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