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A Closer Look at Maggie

As Mickey Horton is put to rest this week, Suzanne Rogers shares what it felt like to finally say goodbye to her long-time TV husband and her new role as the Salem matriarch.

Suzanne says that she was worried when the writers came to her with this "out of the blue" story twist because she thought the audience might not even know who Mickey is. That's the reason they started showing more pictures of John Clarke in recent episodes.

As soon as Suzanne learned the show was going to kill off Mickey, she phoned John Clarke to tell him about it but he already knew because someone had mailed him a script. He seemed okay with it and he told Suzanne that he was sure she would do a terrific job with the scenes.

Suzanne describes the taping of the post-funeral reception as "lovely and warm." Many characters are there trying to support Maggie. Lisa Trusel (Melissa) brought her two youngest children with her (now teens) to the set. Bill and Susan Hayes were there as well.

Maggie wears the infamous red shoes that Mickey gave her to the funeral. Suzanne promises that there will be many heartwarming flashbacks (including the red shoes) as the Horton family remembers their beloved Mickey. Suzanne says that the scenes were great to play because she loves to act, but she hates that the show has lost another Horton -- although she understands why it was necessary to put the character of Mickey to rest.

As for being the new "den mother" of Salem, Suzanne loves it. She enjoys being called Grandma and she thinks the audience appreciates seeing a matriarch like her on the show. She explains, "It's something the audience can relate to. If they're not a grandmother, they have a grandmother."

Suzanne looks forward to sharing more scenes with Molly Burnett, Taylor Spreitler and Mark Hapka in the future. She says that she and Molly (nicknamed "Strawberry Shortcake") have the same energy level and they both laugh/cry at the same things. She says Taylor Spreitler is "sweet and kind" and she loves working with her. She also loves working with the "very loving" Mark Hapka because of the look he gets in his eye when she shares scenes with him.

Finally, when asked about what's coming up for Maggie, Suzanne previewed the following: "I don't know. Melanie is getting married. I'm going to hate her moving out. I'm going to have an empty house. I'll have Mia there. Maybe Nathan will move back in? I felt like the woman who lived in the shoe. That's what I kept referring to myself as."

Here's a photo from the magazine of Lisa Trusel, who is returning as Melissa.

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