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Monday, January 11th
Melanie comforts Maggie over her loss; Vivian offers an olive branch to Philip; Victor yells at Brady for defending Nicole and Arianna; Carly tells Bo she loves him; Vivian informs Victor that the walls are closing in on Carly.

Tuesday, January 12th
Rafe urges Will to give Mia another chance; Hope confronts Carly about sleeping with Bo; Melanie tells Philip she wants to put their elopement on hold; Anna wants to know when she can deliver the ransom demand; Lucas apologizes to Maggie.

Wednesday, Januray 13th
Bo walks in on Carly and Hope arguing; Philip and Melanie set a date for the wedding; Melanie and Nathan deny they still have feelings for each other; Arianna and Brady have a double date with Chloe and Daniel; Mia bonds with Maggie.

Thursday, January 14th
Brady comes to Arianna's rescue; Vivian suspects she knows who Carly's daughter is; Bo and Hope have a heart-to-heart conversation; Rafe revisits the DiMera mansion, looking for a link to the kidnapping; Stefano confronts EJ about selling off assets.

Friday, January 15th
Victor learns Carly and Bo slept together; Rafe questions Sami about EJ, and she overreacts; Melanie overhears Bo and Carly talking about her; Chad helps out Gabi, so she gives him another chance.
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