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Jan 9 2010, 06:43 PM
Jan 9 2010, 06:37 PM
Two seperate theories, first EJ is doing this to make shift the family he wants and will crush anyone in his way to get there.

Second EJ is doing this for sure sweet revenge, to hurt those who hurt him, but the only problem is he's hurting people who have never hurt him. Namely Ari, Johnny, & Will... These people have never even been mean to him if anything they've been nice. He's preying on Ari's goodness and her sympathy for him, vomit, pain. Johnny, he's taken away his little sister, and though he's a child he knows something is definitely wrong. Will, this young man has been very kind to him sending him those pictures of Grace, and how does he repay him by putting through this hell.

If this was just about Sami, Rafe, Nicole, Brady, & Stefano.... his "betrayers" it would be different, but this involves the whole Brady Clan and even his own sister who loves him. Making others suffer the loss of this child, is outragous. And though EJ loves his kids, maybe the kind of love he's given is not the kind they need... just saying.
I haven't seen enough interaction between Ari and EJ to think he's 'preying' on her. And ultimately, any plans he has involving Ari are likely a way to get back at both Brady and Rafe. Two down in one fell swoop? Who can resist that? :lol:

All the things you've mentioned about EJ hurting 'innocent' people in his speculated quest for revenge are true - but the same would be said for those that hurt him. Sami's lies actually had a much more jarring impact on the lives of innocent people. Nicole's and Stefano's certainly did - right down to the ultimate death of Doc Baker. But through all of that I never doubted that Sami loves her kids - or even that Nicole and Stefano love Sydney. The simple fact is - love is very rarely perfect and without cost.
We've seen Ari take up for him and show him comfort because she thought he was hurting he even kissed and hugged her for giving him the vigil ideal. While in truth, he's not in any pain from the loss of Sydney, he's sitting back eating mental popcorn and enjoying the show. And their are people he's hurting that have showed him nothing but love through all his faults and the greatest one is his sister Lexie, I hope when the truth comes to light she wants nothing more to do with him. While I prefer the evilness of EJ, he's more entertaining that way-- he doesn't do good well-- the man should have to pay for his sins.

And Frankily the stuff said about the people that did things to him, on some, doesn't wash... He was certainly not innocent when it came to Sami... He raped Sami and kept her in a marriage she did not want to be in. Now Nicole and Stefano get what they deserve and him hurting Stefano makes me want to laugh, and Nicole's blubbering got to be annoying... but of course I witness the pain of the loss of that child. And she was right, if she had told him that she loss that child and could not have another one, he would have dumped her. He said it himself, he only married her because of Sydney. But my feeling sorry for Nicole is suffocated by her lies. And ole' Dr. Baker, well maybe he's in that pine box somewhere, and rightfully so.
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