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Jan 8 2010, 09:55 PM
Jan 8 2010, 08:30 PM
Maybe it shouldn't be used at all. Ejanna sounds rather like a, er, body part. :P
lady - this made me lol!
Similar to my dream pairing of EJ and Princess Gina...EJina. :)
Gina/Hope and EJ? I was saying that three years ago! I think that could be hot. I am totally yearning for the Gina days right now...who knows, might be a good time for some skanky art-thief antics with Bope's divorce. Also, she has a "huge" storyline coming up...

There's still more I want to know with EJ/Anna, and I hope we get answers. Like, how did EJ figure out where Nicole was in Cleveland, etc. and also how pre-meditated the whole scheme was. We know Anna's getting money. I also want to know what EJ's end-game with this is. Is he going to play it off like some random took her, and bring Sydney "home" himself? (perhaps to look like the hero?). Revealing himself as the kidnapper as a big "F you" to everyone doesn't seem very EJ-ish, particularly because he'd basically be admitting to a crime.

Maggie was quite moving in the Mickey scenes. She gave me chills at the beginning. Kristian Alfonso was really good, too. The only thing that took me out of the scene was when Hope called Gran and Gran answered her own phone. LOL, as if - I liked that they noted she was frail, but if this was the case, wouldn't she have a helper or someone answer the phone? Put me off a bit. I am wondering if they plan to kill Alice off soon with the frail comment. It's a bit much with Mickey's death... they really should have killed Alice off last year.

Loved Bo and Justin's scenes. Typical Bo with the "you won my wife" comments, LoL. He's such an ass sometimes, jumping to conclusions and whatnot. Justin is coming off as swarmy though. I liked when Bo pointed out that even though Justin was convincing Hope to work on her marriage, he was also manipulating her with negative comments about Bo (or agreeing with her comments, which essentially goes against his advice to take him back).

Vivian and Carly in the elevator was awesome, but didn't last nearly long enough. Louise Sourel is so engaging with her simultaneous creepiness and comedy. I found it a little contrived that Bo was there "just" as they were opening the elevator, but that's DAYS for you.

The teens were actually interesting today. Mia and her manipulations have caught my attention...I actually don't mind Gabi, either. There's always going to be a "teen scene," so I'm trying to be a bit more open minded with this group now that I'm seeing potential. I just don't think Chad is a good fit with them, as it's obvious he's 21 IRL and everyone else is 16/17. Early 20's play teens on TV everyday, but it's not as noticeable when everyone is 21 (like in Gossip Girl or 90210).

It really pissed me off when Anna said Marlena was the perfect mother, questioning how Sami turned out the way she did. Um, maybe because EJ's father took Sami's mother away from her for years?! I didn't mind the comment, but addressing the history between Stefano and Marlena shouldn't be ignored. Sami is the way she is partly because of Stefano's manipulations and how they affected her.

I love how Bo and Carly can chill and have beer. That's so un-Hope, with her whole rich-girl Princess thing (which is kind of ironic as Carly supposedly is some sort of royalty). Carly's kind of like "one of the guys," which is something I like. Her huge boobs are soo distracting in scenes though, they look like they're weighing her down and also make her look puffy, Lol.

And I think I downloaded just their scenes by some link in this thread for Monday, so I'm going to check those out..

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