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I love Another World in 1991. That was where the show was when I started watching the repeats on SoapNet. Once SoapNet stopped airing episodes in May '91, episodes started airing on Hulu and I continued to watch until about July or August when I just didn't have the time to watch the episodes anymore. It was right after Judi Evans joined as Paulina. Evans was the only Paulina I knew before I started watching AW, just from seeing some episodes in the late-90s. But after seeing the original Paulina, Calli Tamms (I think?), I prefer her.

AW was so good, storywise, in 1991. You had the Frankie/Cass/Kathleen triangle, which was one of the best written love triangles I've ever seen. There was no bad guy in the mix. It was one man truly torn between two great loves of his life at different times. The teen set, which wasn't even really a teen set because Jenna was the only teen and she was 17 going on 18 at the time, was actually good with Jenna, Matt and Dean. And then you had Lorna, who would associate with the younger cast, actually having a fling with Matt, but also having a weird and twisted relationship with Carly at the same time. Carl Hutchins was a great villain, not written like a cartoon. He puts the Stefano DiMera we've come to know over the years to shame and I never thought that was possible. I loved Iris Wheeler. Jake was a great anti-hero. Donna and her selfishness had me cracking up. And one of my favorite storylines in daytime history has to be the John/Sharlene/Taylor saga. It was a great psychological storyline and the writers did a fantastic job with it.
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