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Viewing Single Post From: TVGC Interview with Crystal Chappell, Entertainer of the Year

Jan 11 2010, 06:15 PM
I am Not going to comment on the Otalia hype (never watched Olivia on GL), the Venice hype (snore) and her coming back to Days...but being a woman I am more than thrilled to see Chrystal taking charge of things.

Being a woman, I cringe when by taking charge, Crystal has to bribe her fanbase by telling them she will pose in her panties just so that they buy a certain amount of underwear. I cringe when she later does it and it is a half ass pic where she looks stoned out of her mind (not saying she was stoned, she just looked stoned)
I cringe when by taking charge, she has to call herself a dirty whore (in a flirty manner, of course what ever that means :shame: ) and act like a boozed up sorority chick on twitter.

I always used to respect CC for her talent and her intelligence but I'm beginning to wonder, is this the real Chappell or is she just putting on a show? Either way, I don't like this Chappell.
Very well said, McMarley. While I am beginning to wonder the same thing, I am also starting to think that this just may be the real CC that we have been seeing lately and that what we use to see was the put on.
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