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all i gotta say is what has happened to this forum because it seems to me there is alot of nothing and opinion/poll type of stuff being posted here lately...

that being sad, i actually think days is on the money rushing phillip and melanies wedding and i think we are gonna have some great feb sweeps but whats better i think all this a better build up that is leading to a fab may sweeps...

i wish they would bring back lawrence for good and have him kinda rehabilitated and have him really funny like he was when he played jt cornell on passions (yes i know another passions reference which has nothing to do with the three actors on passions now) im just saying that was great acting from him..and we could wonder if he is really acting this way to throw everyone off or what.. he could think hes still married to carly and this could just drive vivian nuts..

as for the wedding.. i think it will be melanie who will stop it!
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