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Jan 11 2010, 11:45 PM
Here comes the bride.....or not, with the impending Phelanie wedding {yays} I bring to light these questions and ask for your speculation.....

1. Will they or won't they wed?

2.Who will stop or try to stop the wedding?

3. Who will be revealed as Carly's daughter ?{notice the question is revealed not necessarily who is}

4. Who will the ceremony affect most on canvas?

I think Corday was right in his preview, so:

1) There will be interruptions, but Mel will became Mrs. Kiriakis. If Nathan/Mel are the rooting couple, they have to make her as unavailable to him as possible.

2) Nathan will decide to stop the wedding, but Steph will stop him. I donīt think she is really so much in love with him, but after the fiasco with Phillip she believes he is the right for her (very much like Mel with Phillip) and she made it pretty clear she is not willing to lost this time.

3) I still think there will be some confusion as to who is the daughter before the wedding, but at the wedding Carly wil finally openly admit Mel is her daughter and Dr. Dan her father

4) Chloe, Dan, Mel, Phillip, Stephanie, Nathan, Phillip, Kate, Victor, Vivian, Bo, Hope
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